Bluefenn is an alternative rock band from Murfreesboro, TN. We make music because we love to and it's all for you.


B l u e f e n n

Grant Fenn Waldron // Landon Mitchell Bluemel // Jacob Tyler Duncan

The story

In 2016, Grant Waldron and Landon Bluemel began writing songs together after school and eventually decided to start a band called Bluefenn. They continued writing songs over the next year until those songs became their first demo, “Expanse.” The two recorded and produced the demo in two short months during the summer of 2017. Near the end of that summer, they brought along bassist and guitarist, Jacob Duncan and played their first live show in a small room for their closest friends and family. From there, the band made a local splash constantly playing shows and writing new material. Bluefenn continues to grow and evolve as a band while chasing that same dream of making a positive impact in the world through the creation of music.

Bluefenn is currently preparing for the release of their new EP on August 23, 2019. Their newest single from the upcoming EP, “Cul-de-sac Kids” is available on all digital media platforms.


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